Plascorp has been manufacturing industrial flexible hose ducting for over 50 years. The product is available through an extensive distribution network developed over this period. Most of our ducting is light in weight, flexible and easy to install.

Our ducting is constructed from continuous wire encapsulated with either PVC, rubber or polyurethane material. This construction is durable and offers very good flow characteristics.


Multiflex is a lightweight, convoluted, highly flexible ducting able to be positioned in very limited spaces with little reduction in the cross sectional area. Colour: Black. Temperature Range: 0˚C” - 50˚C”


Plastiflex Grey is a pvc light, flexible and easy to install ducting, easily our most popular product. Colour: 39 - 305mm grey outer and inner. 356-610mm grey outer and black inner. Temperature Range: 0˚C” - 50˚C”.

Plastiflex Clear

Available up to 610mm in diameter

Plastiflex Clear is a light, flexible translucent PVC ducting that enables sight of conveyance. Colour:Translucent Clear. Temperature Range: 0˚C” to 50˚C”.



Available up to 610mm in diameter

TPRD is constructed from a Thermo Plastic Rubber compound with a wire helix reinforcement. An excellent general purpose ducting with good abrasive qualities and U.V resistance. Colour: Black. Temperature Range: -50˚C” to 100˚C”.

PU Anti-Static Dry Food Grade

Available up to 610mm in diameter

Constructed from anti-static compund to reduce risk from static shock and spark hazards - rated 108 Ohms/sq and dry food grade. Wire helix reinforcement, excellent abrasion resistance and translucent to enable sight of conveyance. Colour: Translucent. Temperature Range: -30˚C” to 100˚C”.


Flexflow is constructed from neoprene rubber coated polyester fabric and reinforced with a spring wire helix. Recommended for heavy duty applications. Colour: Black. Temperature Range: -30˚C” to 120˚C”.


Abrasaflex is constructed from neoprene rubber coated polyester fabric with a natural rubber lining and reinforced with a spring wire helix. This duct is suitable for heavy duty gravity fed abrasive materials. Colour: Black. Temperature Range: -30˚C” to 120˚C” .

High Temp. W

High Temp W is suitable for high temperature working conditions such as foundries. It is constructed from PTFE Teflon coated glasscloth crimped by a helically wound steel strip. Colour: Beige. Temperature Range: 0˚C” to 225˚C”.


Dog Tunnels

Other ID sizes and lengths can be manufactured to order


Industroflex is a highly flexible, retractable ducting eminently suitable for the rapid movement of high volume air blowing. Colour: Blue with Red Spiral. Temperature Range: -30˚C” to 120˚C”.

Blower Duct

Blower Duct is lightweight, extremely flexible ducting. Constructed with a PVC coated reinforced material with an external vinyl wearstrip. Ideal for portable ventilation units to service man holes, tanks, marquees etc. Colour: Yellow/Black Spiral. Temperature Range: 0C to 60C

Polyester Coated Clothesline

Colour: Yellow, Beige, Green
Length: 5,000 metres on reels
Size: 3mm and 3.5mm

PVC Coated Wire

Colour: Black (spring) wire, Green (soft) wire
Lengths: To your order on reels
Other Coating requirements upon request.